sâmbătă, 31 decembrie 2011

Dear 2011....

I wanna thank you for your great offers this year, for giving me the opportunity to meet great people, and some of them became close friends, for giving me the best time next to them, for the great weekend in Rome, awesome week in Brussels, for the amazingly fun summer with crazy beautiful people around and for learning me how to love, for growing a little bit more and learning facts about this crazy-bitchy-fun-hard life.

Just tell 2012 that I'm expecting from him the same behaviour, even more chances to grow and to know, let him know that I'll never give up with what I want and that's why he should know how to create the situations and let me live. Tell him my friends should get luck and health, peace and love, 2012 should not forget any of them.

Thank you 2011!


Happy Andreea